What is Organic Farming

Organic farming is agriculture based on natural principles and does not use chemical fertilizers for soil maintenance and improvement or to prevent and eliminate pests and weeds. Organic farming does not use hormones to stimulate the growth of plants and animals.

For perfect organic agriculture, the soil, water, and air must not contain any chemicals. Organic farming must be performed in an area that has not been treated by chemicals for agriculture during the previous three years.

The land should be an upland and open area that is distant from industrial plants and plots that grow crops using chemicals. The land should also be far from main highways and have a water source free from chemicals and toxic substances.

Advantages of organic agriculture

  • Provides high quality products with good yield

  • Promotes more fertile soil

  • Improves the environment

  • Offers a healthier life and mentality for farmworkers

  • Consumers and farmers are not exposed to the risk of toxins that may cause diseases and are dangerous to their life and health

Source : Agricultural Trade Promotion Division


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