Organic Rice Vs Chemical-free Rice

Organic Rice Vs Chemical-free Rice In order for a rice to be "organic,” it must be evaluated and certified with the condition that it has been developed for over 3 years. And during that 3 years, we call that rice “chemical-free." Because after the rice has been sent for approval, the farmer must refrain from using chemical, and it can only be sold as chemical-free rice during that period.

Certifications You Can Trust for Organic Rice

  1. Official Organization for Farmer

  2. Organization for Operational Support (Doesn't necessarily have to be governmental)

  3. Organization that is certified by International Federation of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM)

  4. EU (Europe), NOP (USA), COR (Canada), JAS (Japan) which are all under official standard.

Source : The district interviewed Dr.Ronwarit Pariyachattrakul,the founder of Kritsanakorn Organic Farm Co.,Ltd.

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