Organic Processing Practices : USDA Organic Regulations

Organic Ingredients: Under USDA organic regulations,organic processors must use certified organic ingredients (for a minimum of 95% of the product) and only approved nonorganic ingredients in products that are labeled organic. Products labeled as “made with organic” specified ingredients may include up to 30% non-organic agricultural ingredients, but all other additives must be approved for

organic use. No ingredients or products may be produced using genetic engineering, sewage sludge, or ionizing Radiation.

Commingling and Contact:

To preserve the integrity of organic ingredients and products, organic processors must:

  • Prevent commingling (i.e. mixing) with non-organic ingredients and products throughout processing

  • Prevent contact between organic ingredients and nonorganic substances, including prohibited sanitizers

  • Clean and sanitize processing equipment when changing from non-organic to organic products.; many processors run organic products first.

Managing Pests: Similar to pest management on organic farms, organic processing facilities must emphasize prevention over treatment. Organic processors may use

approved synthetic substances if all other approaches have failed but must ensure that these substances do not come in contact with the organic products they handle.

Source : USDA Organic /AMS

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