Organic Rice Management: Community Enterprise
Learning about cluster gathering created a clearer picture of the responsibility for each division. 
The community enterprise is responsible for upstream work to produce rice with efficiency and effectiveness.
Organic Rice Management: Cooperatives
The cooperative is responsible for the early midstream.
  • Responsible for promoting knowledge, establishing an ICS (Internal Control System) and auditing the international organic standards
  • Responsible for procuring input and gathering products from cooperative members such as paddy as well as other products that the members can produce 
Organic Rice Management: Company Limited
Responsible for processing at the primary, secondary, and marketing levels

Support funding for the evaluation process of organic standards for Community enterprise and Cooperative
Buy and inspect organic rice
The company inspects the quality of paddy before buying from farmers, who are members. 

The company buys paddy rice from farmers who are cooperative members.

The company stores paddy rice. 
Organic rice mill
Maximum production capacity is 100 tons per day.
Color sorter
Rice quality separator.
Rice quality inspection
Rice must pass quality inspection before packing and shipping to customers.
Rice quality inspection
The quality is inspected for full-grain rice, broken rice, yellow rice, chalky rice, tainted rice, low polished rice, and impurities.
Rice quality inspection
Whiteness tester
Rice purity test tool
Rice quality inspection
Dyeing to separate jasmine rice and Chainat rice
Organic rice packing plant
Rice is packed in a vacuum bag for international exports and hi-end domestic customers.
Organic rice packing plant
Rice packed with big bags is ready to be exported to foreign markets, while packing in small sacks is for delivery within the country.

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